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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Pawlooza 2012

Once a year we let ourselves to relax and have nothing but fun. Pawlooza Festival is a perfect opportunity to do so. Our first appearance at this event for dogs took place in August 2011, and it provided us with an opportunity to learn how to present our organization to the Canadian public.

This year was great as we had several new ideas and more volunteers who helped us. Audrey Duann had worked hard to get animal toys and gift baskets. She also ordered t-shirts, bags and mugs with our logo - they were very popular. Jennifer Watts was able to get several gift certificates from the local London, Ontario businesses. Jackie Bowes, with great patience, did a penny drive at work, collecting over 10,000 of them! Jolene Hart - another great volunteer - created several posters with stories of our clinics, everyday work, and some special adoptions. Several of our rescues came for a visit including Nina and Rio who are fostered by Donna Snow of the Loyal Rescue.

Our booth was visited by hundreds of people (and dogs) and we had an opportunity to talk to Canadians about animal welfare work done in Cuba.

APAC's table

Our superstar Lily - a very special rescue

Jackie, Jennifer and Audrey

Jackie, Jennifer with Miley, Audrey, and Lynn with Lily
Donna Snow with Rio and Nina
We thank you all volunteers who helped with organizing this event for us. Weeks of preparations went to its success. A special THANK YOU goes to Lynn Wodzak, who, for the second time, coordinated everything - with a smile and a contagious enthusiasm! We hope to see you again in 2013.

"The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants" 
- Johnny Depp

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Cardenas Clinic August 4, 2012

In order to be successful, each clinic must be well planned and prepared. It takes several weeks to do so. Doctors are notified and a group of volunteers must be gathered.  Deciding how teams will be organized is a next step. Making sure that there is enough supplies and medications is essential. Tags for the animals are needed in order to avoid confusion and errors. Advertisements are made and distributed in the neighbourhood encouraging pet owners to take advantage of a free sterilization surgery. Then - everything has to be delivered to the location of the clinic. Considering lack of private transportation, difficulties in communication, and a tropical heat - each campaign is a heroic effort of dedicated individuals. We are very proud of them all and happy to be able to help.

 ``A hero is a man who does what he can``- Romain Rolland

Weekend in Santa Ana - July 9, 2012

Dr. Yusleidys organized the clinic in her home town. Dr. Slavik and a group of volunteers went to Santa Ana to help.

Anton checking on dogs
Dr. Slavik with Anton

Dr. Yusleidys and Dr. Slavik

 "Everything that is done in the world, is done by hope" - M.L. King