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Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Year, New Challenges

We have finally figured out how to get anesthetics from Canada to Cuba.  The best news is that we have found  doctors who are willing to help us with delivering them to Varadero. We are so happy! And - we want to say Thank you to Terry from the Spanky Project who has patiently guided us through the learning process.

Last year, a group of volunteer veterinarians from the Varadero area performed 1,100 surgeries (at that time anesthetics were received from ANIPLANT while APAC-Varadero supporters brought all other medical and non medical supplies). The year 2012 is our first "independence year" but it also means that we need to cover all the cost of our own surgeries. If we are to have at least 1,000 sterilization surgeries done, we need $5,000.00 CAD to cover the cost of the anesthetics alone. At the present time we have funds for 220 surgeries. We need to collect another $4,000.00 CAD.

We are asking all travelers to Cuba to help us raise money. We hear often, from those who visited Cuba, how stressful it was to see sick and apparently homeless animals wandering around resort areas in search of food, and love. You say that this experience spoiled your holidays. You saved a few of them, and we helped you to bring them to Canada, but we all know this is not enough. The only way to achieve some balance is prevention. Thousands of cats and dogs are born to short and cruel lives of constant hunger and illness. Puppies are often round up and killed with strychnine, kittens are thrown into dumpsters or drowned. We want to change it and we are hoping that you want it too.

We, Canadians are the largest tourist group in Cuba. Over one million Canadians visited Cuba in 2010 spending 748 million dollars on their trips to this beautiful island. If each tourist contributed one dollar to the welfare of the Cuban stray animals, the problem would have been solved already!

We are hoping that you can spare a few dollars to help one Cuban animal to have a better life, and to prevent countless numbers of kittens or puppies to be born to life of suffering and misery.

It has been decided some time ago that one person can change the world. Why don't you try to be that person? 

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