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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Spring 2013 Updates

Mayabeque Campaing June 2013

Mayabeque became a province in 2010, as a result of splitting La Habana Province. It includes 11 municipalities and it is famous for its Jibacoa resorts - one of the most popular Canadian visitors destinations. Influenced by the work of the Spanky Project in Havana and APAC-Varadero activities in the neighbouring province of Matanzas, Mayabeque CCVC (Consejo Científico Veterinario de Cuba) has been organizing its own spay/neuter campaigns. This particular one has been prepared by the VESPA project of the Havana University and Natasha from the Mayabeque CCV. Most of the volunteers were of course students, but they could not do without our famous 'Ruso' doctor - Dr. Slavik Zenkov, who went to help.
We strongly believe in co-operation and mutual support. Involving university students is also very promising and "paves the way for a brighter future", as one of our friends put it.

Mayabeque Team (Dr. Zenkov - left, 2nd row)

Matanzas May 25, 2013 Spay/Neuter Clinic

Another successful campaign saw 62 animals sterilized. Dr. Hanoi Dominguez was in charge of organizing this clinic. Our core team was joined by two new volunteers - Dr. Raciel and Dr. Carmita from the provincial  Matanzas veterinary clinic. They have all done a fantastic job, with each campaign raising awareness and inspiring Cubans to get involved. Congratulations !!!

The Team

Ottawa Art Auction Fundraiser - May 4, 2013
We are so lucky to have amazing friends. Most of them are frequent visitors to Cuba, and they do understand very well the problems this beautiful island is coping with. They also know how much effort our Cuban team is putting into turning things around;  how much help is needed to make things happen.

The auction was a great success thanks to enormous effort of many people, but a special Thank You goes to Kiki Cliff, Judy and Wayne Anderson, and Zaneta Pernicova - who came up with and realized this idea. Thank you all for the preparation work and for making the evening enjoyable. The amount of money was amazing, and it will be used to support spay/neuter clinics! Thank you all who participated in the auction.

All for the Animals - Please, watch and share the video about APAC's work in Cuba. It was created by our friend, Wayne Anderson, and shown during the auction.


Colón – April 20, 2013 Spay/Neuter Clinic

Here are few shots from the Colón – April 20, 2013 spay/neuter clinic. A massive storm flooded the location, but it did not drown the Cuban spirit of our volunteers. Therefore, using Cuban famous resourcefulness, things were re-arranged and all was done as planned. Forty six surgeries were completed.

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