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Sunday, 11 March 2012

London Ontario Goes Unleashed.

When Jennifer Watts gets excited about something, there is no way of stopping her. We were so lucky that she got excited about APAC-Varadero.

While in Cuba Jennifer met Lynn Wodzak, our dear friend, who introduced Jennifer to our work and efforts. Immediately, the idea of a benefit concert was born. Jennifer comes from a musical background. Her family owns and runs a place called The Music Box where young artists have a chance to present their talents to the public. Jennifer works for a radio station and has a big network of friends. Always on the move, outspoken and energetic, Jennifer did not waste her time. Upon return to Canada she started putting things together.

Before we knew it, a website was created as well as a  Facebook event page were all plans for the big night got posted. Jennifer's enthusiasm and charisma attracted several volunteers for the Unleashed Benefit concert. Sarah Smith, Kill Effect and Sam Taylor agreed to perform on March 2, 2012; several local businesses offered great door prizes, including a set of diamond earrings. 

Unleashed Volunteers 

Jennifer's family donated food and coffee for the event, and drinks were made to warm the audience up.
Lynn set up the display about APAC-Varadero. Everything was ready...
Sarah Smith performing for the Unleashed Benefit
The Music Box was full on the evening of March 2nd. The atmosphere was great - music, games, several door prizes, old and new friends having fun together, and above all - knowing the noble cause of this gathering - created a night to remember. Thanks to the efforts of Jennifer,  Lynn and other volunteers (Courtney Snippe, Tammy, Hilary Hogarth, Amber, Vanessa Ward and Clara Cormier) a substantial  amount of money was raised for our organization. We can now buy more equipment, tools and medications to help Cuban animals.

The Music Box was full

The most special door prize - the canvas bag made by Ingrid out of recycled pieces of fabric.
THANK YOU ALL - those who put the event together and those who came to support it. As Jennifer said: "Let's do it all again soon!"

"It is a faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes a life worth living"
Oliver W. Holmes

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