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Friday, 9 March 2012

Profile of the Month, March 2012 - 'Ruso'

Dr. Slavik Zenkov
“My name is Viacheslav Zenkov. I was born in Kyrgyzstan in 1986. When I was still little,  my mom got married to a Cuban student and they decided to come live in Cuba. So my mom brought me to Cuba when I was 3 years old, and we have been living in Cuba since.

My mom also gave me a surprise few months after we started our new life. She gave me a pretty sister - Teresa Valentina. Teresa is studying medicine. She is a very good student, in her fourth year now. My mom Liudmila, a forever literature lover, works at the Municipal Library and she is taking courses in Social Studies.

We first lived in a very small town named 
San Luis.  The town was surrounded by farms, and I liked to help with newborn animals. I still remember feeding some chicks, kittens and pups...
No wonder that after primary school I went to study a veterinary technology. After finishing a four-year program, I went to Havana where, after five years, I got a degree in veterinary medicine.
While working at Cardenas Municipal clinic as a sanitary inspector, I had heard about very interesting new group of people working for the animals protection and I decided to join them.  The group had veterinarians and other volunteers, and they organized spay-neuter clinics. I got involved, and helping stray animals became my passion.  My lovely wife, Ingrid, shares my interests, and together we educate pet owners, help stray animals, and rescue several homeless dogs and cats by finding them new homes.

In my free time, or whatever is left of it, I play soccer, go dancing, or take care of my collections of cacti.

My identity has always been my dilemma. I am Russian by blood, birth, name, and looks but also Cuban by language, thoughts, friends, my life, and love for Cuba. All my friends and neighbours call me 'Ruso' ..."

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