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Monday, 26 August 2013


Isla is a homeless puppy found by Ingird. Shortly after she was found, it had became obvious that she cannot walk on her own - dragging her hind legs while trying to move around. In time, her condition improved slightly thanks to a loving care of Ingrid, who refused to give up on this poor creature. With some help, Isla could stand up on her own for a few seconds, but we were all faced with a big question - what to do next? 

Isla in July 2013
We knew she could not survive in Cuba; therefore, we looked for options in Canada. The response was overwhelming - within days many individuals and organizations offered their help. HART (Humane Animal Rescue Team) in Edmonton donated a wheel-cart for Isla. We are yet to see if she will need it as something else happened - Dr. Barry MacEachern from Nova Scotia (Hope for Wildlife house doctor) has made arrangements for Isla to have a surgery at one of the best veterinary medicine schools in the country - Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island.

Here is Dr. Barry's professional statement about Isla's condition:

"Based on the x-rays from Havana we suspect Isla has a birth defect of a malformed lumbar vertebrae.  Currently she has superficial (and therefor deep) pain perception.  She has anal tone and is completely continent both urinary and fecal.  She can stand on her own but does have pro-prioceptive deficits.  The hope is that if we can open up the spinal canal and stabilize the vertebrae then she will improve.  The clinical signs/exam findings provided suggest we can make a difference in this dogs mobility."

So - Isla is coming to Canada. It took a team of people and several organizations to arrange her arrival.  We will tell you more about them all, and about Isla's progress once she is here, and we have a chance to follow her story...
Isla on August 24, 2013

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