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Monday, 26 August 2013

Marti Spay/Neuter Campaign July 20, 2013

Marti is a small town east of Cardenas. It does not have veterinary services, and, just like the rest of Cuba, it is struggling with the overpopulation of homeless animals. The team was asked to organize the clinic there, so people could learn about the proper care of their pets and the benefits of sterilization. Quite a crowd showed up, and the doctors (Dr. Hanoi, Dr. Julio, and Dr. Omar) spent some time explaining the importance of spaying/neutering dogs and cats. They also discussed other animal health issues. The deworming followed, done with the Bayer medications received through Dr. Chan from Havana, and also with APAC’s supplies like Advantage and Revolution donated by our Canadian supporters. During spay/neuter surgeries, doctors discovered some other problems with dogs, and took care of them right away. The locals were impressed with the team and the work done. We are hoping that they will share their experience with the neighbours, and that another request for the clinic will come from Marti soon.

Ingrid - APAC's Executive Assistant

Queue outside the clinic - waiting to register pets for the surgeries

Let's see how much anesthetics will you need...


Dr. Julio - one of the regular volunteer surgeons

The Team of the Marti campaign

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